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Introducing Brokers

The United International Trading Co. Ltd. affiliate program is designed to provide a compelling compensation plan for our delivery clients. We provide new trading technologies that meet the full range of customer needs - ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction with high customer conversion and retention rates, which ensures additional security for all customer transactions.


3 tier program for revenue


Smooth daily commission payouts


Reputable broker with industry awards


Multiple payments methods

3-Tier IB Structure

It involves a multi-tiered participant structure, with commissions being earned based on the trading activities of clients who have registered through IB link.
The first tier comprises clients who have registered through an introducing broker actively promotingthe website. When these clients subsequently become introducing brokers themselves, those registered under them are designated as the second tier. Furthermore, the clients registered under these second-tier introducing brokers also assume the role of brokers, forming the third tier for the original participant.

IB Commission Structure

In this three-tier commission program, participants have the opportunity to earn commissions not only from their own clients' trading but also from the trading activities of the clients introduced by the IB’s they recruit (second tier) and even clients brought in by the IB’s recruited by their own recruits (third tier). However, the commission for an Interactive Broker's account will be generated only if a trade initiated by a referred client remains open for at least three minutes.

AccountsECN Micro Account/
ECN Premium Account/
MAM Zero Spread Account
ECN RAW Spread Account
Major Pair$ 6$ 2$ 1$ 3$ 1$ 0.5
Minor Pair$ 6$ 2$ 1$ 3$ 1$0.5
Spot CFD$ 6$ 2$ 1$ 3$ 1$ 0.5
Metals$ 6$ 2$ 1$ 3$ 1$ 0.5
Crypto$ 6$ 2$ 1$ 3$ 1$0.5
CFDA$ 1$ 0.5$ 0.5$ 3$ 1$ 0.5

Why clients choose us

Our goal is to provide clients with the most favorable trading conditions:

  • No limit on Total Commissions
  • No limit on Commissions per Client
  • Simple and easy Process
  • 24 hour/Five days a week support
IB Opportunity Awaits!